Impossible Venice
Polaris Venice - Giclè - Art for office
I Gioielli di Venezia Surrealistic Carnival - Artwork detail The Golf course San Marco The Last Tourist After Midnight Polaris Venice The clock tower Thomas Mann - Artwork detail The Light - Artwork detail
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Ludovico De Luigi - Venezia - Art for officies

When does a Vedutist become a Svedutist?
Even if the dividing line is very thin, it exists!
As my experience confirms, an arduous psychological journey has to be undertaken to courageously carry out some of the canvases reproduced here. I did not proceed by adopting Breton's or the surrealist paranoid-critical method.
Reason and madness together in a precarious balance have enabled me to create a Vedutist view of a Canaletto-style Venice (imaginary and not perfectly faithful to reality as is commonly believed) starting from the pictorial illusory reality (immutable in Venice) to get where I wanted - to the soul of Venice today. Interpreting an anxiety worldwide for this unique town of mine (which art represents), I painted, not abandoning myself to fortuitous chance, as is the case with Breton?s automatic writing but rather, by focusing on an introspective vision to depict views. Thus even if exterior views retain their external elements, they are overturned to become interior views.
To be called a "Svedutism" you must disturb, make the spectator feel uneasy, with "subtle" elements like architecture.

Ludovico De Luigi