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Giclée (zhee-CLAY) - On Canvas

Giclée - paintings - dipinti

Derived from the French word meaning "to spray" or "to squirt", the word Giclée (pronounced: zhee-clay) is used to describe a digital fine art printmaking process. Giclée prints are created using a high-resolution inkjet printer. Images or paintings are carefully scanned and reproduced using archival ultrachrome inks.

The process of fine art reproduction has been revolutionized with the development of Giclée printing. Giclée are digital reproductions of original artwork.

Giclées use a version of inkjet technology that is far more sophisticated than your desktop printer. This technology contains lightfast inks and more abundant and accurate printheads. The chosen medium canvas is individually mounted onto a drum which rotates during the printing process. While this drum spins a fine stream of ink droplets spray onto the chosen medium. Since there are no screens used in Giclée printing, the prints are produced at a higher resolution than lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than serigraphy. This process also has a far wider color gamut rendering Giclée superior to traditional printing options. The colors are brighter, the prints last longer, and they are so high-resolution that they have virtually continuous tone.

We understand that image permanence is a concern to both artists and art collectors and we are confident that the Giclée process adequately addresses those concerns. Giclée prints are UV protected for fade and color shift resistance. The Giclée is archival because pigmented ink and museum quality media are used.The canvas and water color canvas used in the Giclée prints are acid free and are the same used by traditional artists. Dyes are water-soluble and will fade over time; pigment is molecularly solid, similar to the pigment artists create with. Therefore, the pigmented Giclée is fade resistant and the Giclée will last for years and years just as paintings do. The stability of the archival Giclée is guaranteed for lasting heirloom quality.

Special Care
Our liquid laminates provide ultraviolet, waterproofing and scuff protection to the Giclées, but be aware to keep them out of bright or direct sunlight. If the surface becomes dirty or stained, wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a little warm water. Never fold or crease the Giclée this could crack its surface. Keep away from direct heat sources. If a lamp is used, a 40 watt bulb should be no closer than 12 inches.